Vitosha is a boutique private orthopaedic hospital specialising in total hip and knee replacement.

Hip Replacement

Innovative techniques with minimal blood loss

Knee Replacement

Precision techniques for rapid rehabilitation

Fast Recovery

Most patients fit to fly home just a week after surgery

Luxury Spa Rehab

Post-op rest and specialist physiotherapy in luxury surroundings

Welcome to Vitosha Hospital

At Vitosha we combine the very best of modern European healthcare with the affordability of Eastern Europe.  We specialise in orthopaedics – both planned surgery and orthopaedic emergencies – with a special interest in total hip and knee replacement.

We’ve been here nearly twenty years, and in the last ten years alone we’ve performed over 2,000 hip and knee replacements. The innovative techniques we use mean most of our patients are on their feet and moving just days after their procedures. We also offer leg lengthening, fracture treatment, and reconstructive surgery. 

Each and every one of our patients is special to us – treated with dedicated care and dignity in our private, boutique hospital in the foothills of Mount Vitosha, just outside Sofia, Bulgaria’s beautiful capital city.

Contact Us

Please call or email to schedule your procedure, or ask for further information. We look forward to hearing from you.



108-B Simeonovsko Shose Str., Sofia 1700, Bulgaria

Opening hours:
Outpatients 08:30 - 12:30, working days only.
Wards and inpatient care, 24 hours a day.


+359 888 585 775 (24 hours)
+359 2 9622292 (09:00 to 16:00 local time)