ВИП Пациенти

Качеството на медицинските услуги в Болница Витоша привлича пациенти отдалеч и от цяла България.


Нашите пациенти очакват от нас само най-доброто. Ние предлагаме смяна на тазобедрени и коленни стави в болница, работеща по най-високите здравни стандарти на Европейския съюз. Цени за ВИП пациенти и за чужденци – вижте по-долу.

Нашите пациенти получават и възможност да се насладят на уникалните възможностите, които страната ни, и особено спокойствието на Витоша, предлагат за възстановяване след операцията.

София е град с богата и древна култура

Price list 2019

Premium Hip / Knee Replacement

A first Total Hip/Knee Replacement – no previous surgery has been performed on the joint
  • Total Hip or Knee Primary Replacement Surgery
  • State-of-the-art implants
  • 6 day hospital stay in Vitosha Hospital with physiotherapy

Premium PLUS Hip / Knee Replacement

Recuperate in comfort at our luxury spa resort
  • Total Hip or Knee Primary Replacement Surgery
  • For revision surgery add €1,500
  • State-of-the-art implants
  • Stay in Vitosha Hospital with physiotherapy for several days before spa treatment begins
  • Further physiotherapy in a luxury spa performed by specialist physiotherapists
  • Stay in the spa until 18 days post-surgery when stitches or staples are removed
  • Many cultural events, such as sightseeing trips in Sofia and around Bulgaria, opera and concerts

Revision Hip / Knee Replacement

Total Hip/Knee Replacement performed after previous replacement surgery has failed, usually due to endoprosthesic loosening or sepsis
  • Revision Total Hip or Knee Replacement Surgery
  • State-of-the-art implants
  • 6 day hospital stay in Vitosha Hospital with physiotherapy

More about our packages

We offer two hip or knee replacement packages to our patients from abroad: Premium and Premium PLUS.


hip or knee replacement package

Surgical operation for total hip/knee replacement. The price includes:

Premium PLUS

hip or knee replacement package

includes the Premium Hip/Knee replacement package with these added extras:
  • Hip/Knee replacement surgery
  • Orthopaedic implant costs
  • Hospital stay for 6–7 days with rehabilitation.
  • Transfer to and from Sofia airport and Vitosha Hospital.

By the time the patient’s discharged from hospital, our goal is for him/her to be able to walk unaided with crutches, walk up and down stairs, be able to take care of himself/herself, depending on his/her pre-operative condition.

He/she should then be fit to fly home on the plane. Stitches or staples will be removed in the patient’s home country eighteen days after surgery. Patients will need further care at home before they can return to work.

  • An extended rehabilitation programme involving special spa activities at a luxury spa hotel near Sofia for 18 days, until stitches or staples are removed.
  • Eight cultural events are included in the package: including sightseeing trips, visits to the opera and concerts.
  • A trip to the Roman town of Hisarya (Diocletianopolis), with its 22 mineral spring spas. A tour of its large Roman fortress, and other precious archaeological sites from the Thracian and Roman civilisations. Hisarya is 45km outside the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria’s second city and its cultural capital. It has many world-class museums and cultural events, including opera and concerts. It also has stunning Roman remains, and a UNESCO protected old town.

Our goal is for patients to leave Bulgaria at the end of the eighteen days walking independently with canes. They will normally need to wait sixty days post surgery before returning to work.

About Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of the fastest growing medical tourism destinations in Europe – around 50,000 foreign patients chose it for their treatment in 2018. 

It’s long been a favourite holiday spot – with a beautiful southern European climate in the summer – perfect to enjoy its beaches, mountains and hundreds of mineral spring spas, many of which have been used since Roman times, and are surrounded by ancient ruins. There’s also top-class ski-ing in the country in winter.

Climate, landscape and beauty make Bulgaria a great location for recovery and recuperation from medical treatment, and in the last few years millions of euros have been spent on developing medical services, to offer the very best to foreign patients.

Bulgarian healthcare professionals have traditionally been educated and trained to a very high level – among the best in the European Union. With extra investment, clinics there now offer the most modern equipment, and state-of-the-art procedures found elsewhere in Europe, at a fraction of the cost.

Поглед от Витоша към нашата болница