Frequently Asked Questions

We’re always happy to help you with any questions you might have before your surgery. Check below, or get in touch.

All our patients are valued by us, but we give top priority to the ones who come from abroad. We can adjust our schedule to fit yours. So, once you’ve booked your flights, and are ready to go, we can usually operate as soon as you like – just whenever you can get here.

If you email us at, or call us on +359 888 585775, we’ll discuss how we can help you. You’ll need to email us your x-rays, and fill in a detailed questionnaire about your general health. We promise we’ll get back to you within one to three days after that to talk further, and decide on a date for admission to our hospital. Once you’ve got your date you’ll need to book your flights, and let us know when you’ll arrive in Sofia, so we can come and pick you up from the airport.

You will spend six to seven days with us in hospital after your surgery if you choose our Premium hip/knee replacement package, or eighteen days if you choose our Premium Plus package. The last twelve days or so of your stay if you’re a Premium Plus patient will be spent at a luxury spa hotel.

Our leg lengthening patients stay with us one day for every millimetre of lengthening. So a five centimetre leg lengthening would involve a stay with us of fifty days.

Yes, once we discharge you you will be fit to fly home.

Yes, with pleasure. We can offer you English speaking guides, transport, advice, and top tips on what to see and do. You’ll have the benefit of our thorough knowledge about our country! We’ll do all we can to make your time here with us as pleasant as possible.

Yes we can do that. We can organise accommodation for a friend or relative, either with you at the hospital or in a hotel. This would be at your own cost though.

Hip and knee replacements are some of the successful of all medical procedures – osteoarthritis in the hip and gonarthrosis of the knee are treatable. After the operation, which lasts just over an hour, the patient’s pain is gone, and he or she can soon return to a normal, active life.

We’d expect you to recover fully in up to six or seven weeks, , but would advise waiting eight weeks before going back to work. You should be able to get involved in most sporting activities again then too, but we advise against playing extreme or contact sports.

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